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22 April, 2024


State Sales/Use Tax 6% +
Discretionary Sales/Use Tax $0 - $75 Depending on County
(NOW CAPPED AT $18,000.00 Per Boat)
Property Taxes on Boats – None

Florida Issues Titles on Boats that are Not Documented
Documented Boats Are Required to be Registered

A 90 Day Decal May Be Purchased From Your Broker and an
additional 90 days may be purchased from the Broker
BY THE 60th day whilst under the first 90 day decal
using a
Sales Tax Exemption Affidavit for All Vessels Purchased from Brokers & Dealers which will be removed from the State of Florida.
Vessels must be at least 5 Net Tons AS LONG AS – Purchaser is NOT a Florida Resident, or the definition thereof.

Dinghy’s, Jet Ski’s & Boat Trailers are not exempt unless removed within 10 days of the date of purchase.
Sales Between Individuals are not exempt
Florida is Reciprocal to Taxes Paid to Another State
VISITING PERIOD EITHER 90 Consecutive Days with valid out of state registration Documented or with a Valid Out of State Registration
183 Days in a Calendar Year.
If you overstay either of these options – you must obtain a Florida Registration.

Resale Exempt Certificates
The Certificates are only to be used if vessel is being sold by Broker or Dealer
If the vessel is being used SOLELY for Bareboat Chartering

Sojourner registrations are issued to these vessel owners who remain in Florida
for more than 90 days, but intend to return to their home state and take the vessel with them. They are issued DECALS ONLY, but must prove they are registered in another state. Form HSMV 87244 Must be completed. Normal registration fees will be charged.

If a foreign flagged vessel has a Cruising Permit they are protected from Florida Use Tax. If the foreign flagged vessel only has a Certificate of Deposit – they will owe Use Tax.
Florida Sales Tax on Yachts and Boats

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