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15 July, 2024

For vessels registered with Transport Canada, ALL MULTI-HULL vessels MUST have a tonnage survey performed by an approved Tonnage Surveyor. Costs vary, depending upon the length and the location of the vessel, and whether or not line drawings are available. Mono-hull recreational vessels under 15 Meters in length may use a Simplified Tonnage Method of measurement, therefore avoiding the cost of the Tonnage Survey.

Three choices of Vessel Name are required. A vessel name (if available) may be reserved for a fee.

Transport Canada also now requires an Original Canadian Bill of Sale and an Original Bill of Sale from the Country where the sale took place.

All vessels registered with Transport Canada are now processed in Ottawa.

A Canadian Citizen who has a vessel registered in Canada will not pay duty or taxes on the vessel unless the vessel PHYSICALLY ENTERS Canada.

It’s popular for Canadians to register in Canada and obtain a US Cruising Permit for vessels they are keeping in US Waters, thus avoiding Canadian and US Taxes on the vessel.

Canadian Built vessels usually qualify for “duty free” under the NAFTA agreement. However, this only applies if the vessel came from Canada to the USA first with a NAFTA form. If the vessel entered another country first it does not qualify under the NAFTA agreement and must be duty paid to be sold in the U.S.

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