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22 April, 2024

BVI Company, Kit and Seal
  • Three (3) Choices of Company Name
  • Registered Agent Fee
  • Government License Fee
  • Appointment of Representative Person
  • Allow 3 - 5 Business Days for Formation of Company
Ship's Registration
  • Three (3) Choices of Vessel Name
  • Choice of Hailing Port (Road Harbour or Gorda Sound or White Bay)
  • Reserve Vessel Name
  • Ship's Registry
  • International Courier's/Faxes/Phone Calls
  • Tonnage Survey
  • Carving and Marking Certificate
Radio - Ending Dec 31 of 3rd Year - Then renewable
  • Ship's Station License
  • Operators License  (1)
$6,500 USD which includes AYRI Service Fee   (Approximate - Please call for a firm quote)
This estimate is based on a Vessel Located in South Florida
and 24 Meters or less in Registered Length.

The following items are not included in the above estimate:
  • Ship's Mortgage
  • Lien Search
  • Removal from Current Flag
Note:  If financing, be sure to check with your lender before ordering an offshore company. Not all banks will approve an offshore registry.  Ask us and we will refer you to a bank that will.  Some banks require an opinion letter from a Maritime Attorney.
Annual Maintenance
Approximately $1,100 USD per year for vessel 24 meters or less Registered Length.


For Each Shareholder and For Each Director - For the BVI Company
  • Signature of each on a single sheet of paper, Notarized
  • 1 Copy of Passport, Notarized
  • Copy of Utility Bill showing Residential Address, Notarized
  • 2 Reference Letters (each) on Letterhead, from Bankers, Lawyers or Accountants
Please call for information on who to address the letters to.
  • 2 Passport Size/Type Photos (For Each Radio Operator)
  • 1 Copy of Passport, Notarized for each Radio Operator. (If a director/shareholder will also be an radio operator - he/she will need to provide 1 notarized copy of passport for the Company and 1 notarized copy of passport for the radio operators license.
Certification by Notary or Other Official
  • " I have seen and compared the original document of which a copy is being certified, and the copy is a complete and accurate copy of the original. I hold a current valid license/certificate of practice as a (position held). I am independent of the individual to whom this certification relates and I am subject to professional rules of conduct or statutory compliance measures, breach of which is subject to the application of penalties".
  • Where the document contains a photograph, the certification must also include the following:
    " The photograph bears a true likeness to the individual to whom this certification relates".
  • Name and address of certifier
  • Phone number of certifier
  • Date of certification
Each Certification must be an ORIGINAL INK DOCUMENT
With receipt of scanned or faxed copies of all documents we can form the Company, however we must be in receipt of the originals to obtain the Original Certificate of Formation, Memorandum & Articles of Association and Company Seal. Deposit Required $3,000 USD
Points to Address in the Reference Letters:
  • How long they have known the individual(s). (Must be longer than 2 years)
  • In what capacity they have known the individual(s)
  • Are the individual(s) of good moral character
  • Are the individual(s) in good financial standing
  • Are the individual(s) upstanding citizens in their community
BVI Ships Registry - Foreign Built Yacht
  • If the vessel is located in the State of Florida, ask your Licensed Florida Broker for a 90 Day Decal wherein the vessel can remain in Florida Tax Free for up to 90 days.   (An additional 90 days can be purchased by no later than the 60th day, but only from the Licensed Florida Broker you purchased your vessel through).

    NOTE:  If the vessel leaves Florida at any time whilst operating under the Decal, the Decal becomes null and void.
  • The 90 days allows us time to register the vessel. (Usually we only need a couple of weeks).
  • The vessel then leaves and makes entry into foreign port and remains out of Florida for a period of 15 days before entering any US Port and obtaining a US Cruising Permit for a Foreign Registered Vessel.  (The vessel operator must show customs proof that the vessel made entry into the foreign port upon entry into the US).
  • Cruising Permits are issued for a period of 1 year, unless a Certificate of Registry expires sooner, in which case the expiration date of the Certificate will be the expiration date of the Cruising Permit.
  • The vessel must leave the U.S. annually for the 15 day period to renew the Cruising Permit.
BVI Ships Registry - U.S. Built Boat
  • All points above remain the same except that a US Built boat may remain in Florida under the 90 Day Decal and as soon as the vessel is Registered, it may immediately apply for the US Cruising Permit without having to make entry into foreign port.
  • Renewals of Cruising Permits for a US Built Boat are subject to the interpretation of the nearest Port as to whether the vessel must leave the U.S. for 15 days.

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